Current Beers on Draft (Tier 1)

BTBL Pale Ale

Pale Ale ABV 4.6%

Light and mild pale ale up front with biscuit/bread notes at the end, best suited for the entry craft beer virgin or for that regular crafter beer lover that wants something light and refreshing all day long.

Trails End ESB

English Strong Bitter 5.3%

Created in the tradition of English strong bitter, this brew has a mild amber hue and hopped aggressively to give it a bitter bite.

Black River Brown

Brown Ale ABV 4.5%

Dark and roasted with hints of coffee, this American Brown Ale could almost be a stout or porter by the color. Plenty of body and mouthfeel with a foamy brown head with a crisp bitterness from earthy, herbal hops.


Cream Ale ABV 5.1%

A traditional cream ale with hints of caramel and vanilla.

(Beer Club Members get to name this one! They have until Friday, February 23, 2018 to submit their votes.)

Jumpin' Java

Coffee Pale Ale 4.7%

Cold steeped medium roast coffee with a light crisp pale ale. Any coffee lover will enjoy. 

Current Beers on Draft (Tier 2)

Pier Head IPA

Double IPA ABV 7.4%

Brewed with powerhouse hops Simcoc, Columbus and Chinook. This double IPA comes in at a whopping 113 IBU’s with a full body and a mouthfeel of caramel and biscuit malt upfront with a hoppy finish.

Old Harbor IPA

New England IPA ABV 7.4%

A dry hopped, traditionally cloudy New England IPA.

Cohumulone Darkness Black IPA

Black IPA ABV 7.6% 

Dark as night. Hopped with Cohumulone hops. Great addition to our IPA lineup. 

Toes in the Sand

Citrus IPA ABV 7.0% 

Crisp and refreshing citrus IPA made with lemon and lime peels, blended citrus hops, as well as the brewer’s own home grown coriander. Although designed to remind you of lounging on the beach, in the sun and tropics, this brew is bound to become a community session favorite year around.

Nitro & Shandi's (Tier 1)

Aengus Mcgreevy’s Irish Stout

Irish Stout ABV 6.0%

Irish Stout brewed and served in traditional Irish fashion.


Lemon, Lime or Ginger

For the lighter taste. Made with our light BTBL.

Rotating Beers

Sunset Amber

Amber Ale ABV 5.4%

One of the brewer’s favorites. With a moderate amber hue, this brew was named after the famous shoreline’s evening sunsets. Hints of intense caramel and earthy herbal flavors from the selected malts and US and Australia hops give it its unique flavor.

Thrilla' In Vanilla

Vanilla Porter ABV 4.5%

A dark and chocolate porter with plenty of body and flavor on its own blended with real vanilla to give this brew nearly dessert like flavor!


Honey Wheat ABV 5.4%

An all-American beer made with locally grown barley, wheat, rye and honey. A little help from German noble hops gives this beer a low bitterness to allow the spiciness of the rye and sweetness of the honey and malts to come through. 


Saison ABV 4.1%
Light pale orange with hazy appearance due to wheat malt and yeast. Aroma of passion fruit, honeydew melon and strawberry from the selected hops with flavor undertones of spice from both the yeast and coriander. Mild ABV with pleasant, light mouthfeel!

Not Your Grandma's Cookie

No Bake Cookie Stout ABV 5.1%  

A light stout with hints of oatmeal and  chocolate with a strong peanut butter finish.

Seasonal Beers


Raspberry Wheat Ale

Impetuous is a wheat beer with unimaginable raspberry and fruit flavor.

Brewberry Pancake

 Blueberry Pancake Ale ABV 5.0%
Brewed with biscuit malt, milk sugar, Michigan maple syrup and finished with blueberries to give you a sense of eating blueberry pancakes in a glass! A special seasonal beer just for Blueberry Festival.


Oktoberfest ABV 5.7%

Bringing Oktoberfest to South Haven! Pilsner and Munich malts combined for this German  tradition.     

Samhain Harvest Ale

Harvest Pale Ale ABV 5.5%

Pronounced Sow-een, this beer is a celebration of the end of summer and beginning of fall harvest time! Multiple products of harvest plus a hint of spice bring out a warm flavor that reminds you of fall.